Digital Comms

What is Green-GO?

Green-GO is a cost-effective, multi-award winning, digital intercom over Ethernet, that uses a unique design concept to create complex communication systems suitable for major live events, multi-function performance venues, churches, high-end rental facilities and broadcasters. It is also suitable for building simple, expandable, systems for projects with less stringent technical requirements or tighter budgets.

The system is designed to operate on any Ethernet network without interfering with other data protocols and will perform seamlessly, even when data traffic-levels are high. Audio quality is high, and, being digital, will not deteriorate over distance. Sampling rate is 16kHz with 16-bit dynamic range. System latency is low at only 12 milliseconds, meaning no lip-sync problems.

Green-GO differs fundamentally from other current intercom designs which use a central matrix or routing-engine at their core. Instead, each station holds all routing data, system set-up and user preferences. Operating without a central matrix eliminates the possibility of a catastrophic single component failure.


Why use Digital Comms?

Digital comms offer many improvements over analogue party line comms systems. With dedicated direct talks between crew members, and virtually unlimited expandability, using Green-GO almost guarantees a better show as crew won’t be worried about missing cues and lacking communication.


What do EpicTech Media offer?

Not only do EpicTech Media stock a vast variety of Green-GO hardware, but our engineers are experienced with on-site Green-GO configuration and deployments of comms systems. On enquiry, one of our experienced comms engineers will work with you to scope out the system best suited for your project.