ISO Recorder

Why ISO?

In any live event, you going to want to capture more than just what the audience sees. Whether for highlight videos or if being pre-recorded for editing in post, it’s vital to be able to capture every camera all the time.

Our ISO Recorder rack

Based around the ATEM SDI Extreme ISO, our ISO recording rack is capable of 8-channels of ISO recording. With eight SDI inputs and four outputs.

The custom built rack is designed as the perfect add-on for any of our existing production solutions, and it also doubles as a full portable production rack capable of 8 camera mixing, along with inbuilt streaming and PGM recording.

If used in this configuration, the ATEM SDI Extreme ISO also generates and DaVinci Resolve edit file featuring all the edits made throughout the show; which can then be used to quickly recut different elements of the show for future use.